Compaq Portable i5-3470T
This machine was dead dead dead. Now it is weird but usable.
IBM Ultraportables
The Ricoh-made PC110 and it's younger brother 235 plus a 701c for fun!
IBM PC110 Palm PC
Left with original 'restored' vinegar DSTN and right with new TFT
Epson PC Portable
A neat, luggable 1989 PC-Compatible that won't be full of nasty surprises...
IBM PS/2 L40 SX Capacitors
The curse of 80's and 90's electronics... leaking electrolytic capacitors will ruin any old machine!
Items For Sale
Sometimes I just have too many of one thing! I'll try and be honest and describe why the one I own is special or unique.
One-off Works
Side projects, repairs, guides or information gathered and improved to help you with your project..
IBM Palmtop PC110
Ready-Made Bootable Compact Flash Images for DOS, Windows 3.11 and 95.
Items For Sale
IBM Thinkpad 380Z - fastest processor, biggest screen!

Hey. This site is a rudimentry outpost of my projects, built on Joomla 4 CMS, using the default Template. My aim is to share information about vintage machines and my journeys to restore them. I try to write run-through's of projects to restore and preserve old hardware (mainly by IBM and Apple), links to videos and links to software and images which can be difficult to find or may save you a lot of time. It's also a place where I list items for sale instead of or as well as using ebay (which is expensive). Anything listed here might not be cheap, but that's because it'll be one of the best examples left in the world.

I am using modern methods to tackle old jobs, combining previously-published information by other people which may be somewhat out-of-date and hopefully making it easier to understand or tackle some of these efforts yourself or simply combine a lot of disparate information into a one, short article. I have a full-time job and a family, so this is all done in my spare time. I have a very good ebay rating and if you'd prefer to buy something I've listed for sale in the ebay marketplace, let me know and we can work something out.

My school years were informed by a 'computer room' of 386 and 486 computers, the occasional compact mac and my first notebook in 1996 was an IBM Thinkpad 365. I'm entirely self-taught in machine hard and software troubleshooting hard-earned through a 25 year career in IT. I generally learn by doing than studying. Over the last few years I've developed some skills and knowledge desoldering and repairing damaged PCBs, primarily caused by leaking eletrolytic capacitors, corrosive expired batteries or brittle plastics.