I went through the weird and wonderful process of restoring a wonderful and weird IBM Thinkpad 701c using the original media. This entailed restoring the original restore media to one CF card in the PCMCIA slot and having a second CF card installed using a CF-IDE adaptor in the HDD bay. Once you have this and the original restore floppy, alongside a working floppy drive, you can initiate a full factory restore of the drive, which will have both OS/2 Warp, Windows 3.1 and standalone introduction software, welcoming you to your 'new' 701c.

I made this image primarily because a lot of people will not have access to all the hardware required to initiate this restore, whereas they can easily use this raw image file to make an exact copy of my CF card drive as their own HDD replacement.

Here files are uploaded to my repository on archive.org here.

I have tested this image and successfully restored it to another CF card. I think the throughput on a CF card is very similar to that of a decent 2.5" IDE drive, but the fact the seek time is virtually zero, everything works a bit quicker. I think the downside is that solid state data can degrade over time, especially if not used. However you could just re-image again.

Here is a pic of 3 of my 701c machines, alongside a Palmtop PC110 "Monolith" for comparison!