IBM Thinkpad 380Z + Dock - £250 + Shipping

This is a special machine from my collection of thinkpads. It’s fully restored, in really excellent condition and a great piece for anyone to own. It is the last version of the 380 model range to be produced and is the highest specification 380 Series you could own with the largest screen and fastest available 300Mhz Pentium II processor and a higher-resolution display.

The case is unmarked, anything corrosive such as a hibernation battery has been removed, the machine has a clean installation of Windows 98SE and it’s been upgraded to 160Mb of EDO RAM.

All the tests perform perfectly (the HDD test comes with an error because the original drive has been replaced with a 30Gb drive rather than the original 2Gb one), all the keyboard keys work perfectly and are not shiny due to wear, it has a brand new original trackpoint nub and the mouse buttons have an original click to them.

On the right side is the original optical and floppy drives, on the back is SVGA out, parallel out, serial out and PS/2 mouse in and on the left side are 2 PCMCIA slots, 3.5mm audio out and microphone in.

This machine does not have a main battery for fear of it leaking and causing damage.

The original dock is also included and is absolutely brand new and never used. This comes in it’s original box. It is also suitable for the 385 series and the 560X

Finally also included is an original 16v IBM power supply with UK mains plug.

The combined parts (particularly scarce/increasingly costly) value of this listing far exceeds the buy it now price, if you could find them. The EDO RAM, for example is increasingly hard to obtain in 128Mb sticks. The display is unusually bright and unblemished. The keyboard is not dirty or shiny in spots it's been over-used.